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Project Description
This project adds Spotify browse and playback capabilities to Jamcast, a DLNA media server for Windows. The code published here serves as a practical and fully-functional example of how building powerful extensions for Jamcast is made possible using the new Jamcast API. For more information, please visit

The Spotify plugin demonstrates implementing API-powered custom media server handlers for both audio streams and album art. A dedicated message pump thread is constructed when the plugin is initialized, an interesting architecture made necessary by the libspotify API threading model.

Here's a demonstration of the plugin in use on a Sony Playstation 3:

Project / API Support

For more information, technical support, and other examples using the Jamcast API, please visit


Build Dependencies
  • Jamcast.Extensibility.dll: this library is installed with Jamcast Server.


The project output DLL, the plugin manifest (plugin.xml, included in project), and the 2 project runtime dependencies (see below) must be packaged into a JPL file in preparation for deployment and installation. Package should contain 4 files:


Creating the JPL is simple -- simply ZIP all of the aforementioned files to "Jamcast.Plugins.Spotify.ZIP", then rename with .JPL extension.

Please visit for more information about plugin manifest files and packaging Jamcast plugins.

Runtime Dependencies
All of the external libraries mentioned here should be packaged and deployed with the plugin assembly:

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